Chalita’s Post!

Tradueix al català: aquí.

First of all, good night. I’m doing Marc’s job (writing his blog) because he is studying so hard for tomorrow weekly test. Well, let me introduce myself in Catalan. And you can consider how good my catalan is. “Jo sóc la Chalita i sóc de Tailàndia”. I also can count some numbers. This is my catalan level that I’ve been learning from Marc. Besides, you can know more about me in “Who is who”.

This evening, as usual, we have guests invited to our place. There are Sue, Bora and Mikael. We started playing a game called Scatergories. With no doubt, Marc is the winner. And after that, we started playing something crazier; you have to close your eyes and guess what you have eaten. Everyone had had something that they hated the most. It was so funny. Mikael was about to cry while he had Soju”Korean sake” in his mouth. Bora had some oyster sauce which was so disgusting. Marc was nearly to vomit with his peanut butter in his mouth. That’s because he always complains about how disgusting it is when I eat peanut butter as my breakfast. He shows obviousely how he hates it. So this was the time to make a revenge. And then he fed me a spoon of garlic. It was so smelly. But finally, he was the one who suffer from this because I breath on him.  He had to give me some candies to stop the smell in my mouth… hahaha!

Ok… now he’s finished his review. So we are gonna start watching 24 hr. I’ve to say good bye. See you next time If he authorise me to write his blog again!!

See you tomorrow in the playhouse.

Bon a nit!!!


Sí amics, la Chalita ha escrit el post d’avui. Que gandul que sóc!

Fins demà!


4 pensaments sobre “Chalita’s Post!

    • Bon Dia!! :)

      i hope you like my blog..! ( I mean my writing on Marc’s blog..)

      khob khun kha..(Gracies !!!!)

  1. Chalita, t’ha explicat el Marc que a això ja jugava quan era molt petit amb els seus germans? Els feia empassar cada cosa!!!! Segur que ells ho recorden. El més famós, la Citicola. ;)
    Fins aviat!!!!

  2. Bon dia..! Nuria

    he didn’t tell me about this.. but i can imagine how he’s used to this game since he was little.. because he is always the first one who finish each category in each letter..
    that’s so boring.. he always wins no matter what we play..

    finally, thanks for reading my writing..! ^_^


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