Rugby World Cup, here it is!

I arrived in Auckland 225 days before the kick off of the Rugby World Cup (RWC). Today has been “the day”. Thousands and thousands of people have met in the city centre to welcome one of the most important sports events in the world. Auckland has become a colorful city with pleny of flags, hats, faces, shirts… This city has become the place where people from all around the world have met to enjoy and show their passion for Rugby.

Hundreds of Tongan, New Zealand, South African and many other countries flags were waving since early in the morning, thousands of people from all around the world were walking on the street seizing a sunny day. All of them had one thought in their minds: RWC. Nothing else. Just these three words.

The opener ceremony has been completely overcrowded. I won’t lie, I think it was a big mistake to organize that kind of event in such a small place as the harbour is. Just a few people could enjoy the arrival of 600 maori warriors and the massive “haka” through Quay St. Too many people, I couldn’t stand and with all my friends we decided to continue our afternoon at Albion Pub, our base camp for this World Cup.

From there we saw all the next but the fireworks. I decided to watch them from my apartment. I thought would be a nice way to see it but unfortunately, we couldn’t barely see all what was going on. Just Alba, the catalan girl, came with me, we stayed fifteen minutes at home and then we went back to the pub to enjoy the match.

41-10 was the final result. The All Blacks were kind of cruise in front of a small canoe. Nothing could Tonga do to avoid being completely hit by a really strong team. If you are interested in rugby, even slightly, you should watch the highlights following this link.

Tomorrow, with more time, i’ll try to upload some pictures of my first world cup day… pretty astonishing after all…



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