Brad is father!

Yes my friends… Brad, who was my teacher for four months, has become father of a cute South African Japanese girl. The girl was due to born during the weekend, but she wanted her father to miss the Rugby World Cup matches and she just waited until monday to pop out of her mother, Kanako.

Irie Emily Roberts. She’s not. But probably looks something like this.

It’s amazing how life changes in the blink of an eye. Last friday Brad was in the pub, having some (some) beer with his friends. He was drinking and complaining about her unborn daughter: “Why does she have to born on the weekend? Why when South Africa is gonna be playing against Australia, why???”. Nevertheless (I love this damn word), he couldn’t hide his happiness of being father.

And what was inevitable, happened. Late, but happened. Brad and Kanako’s daughter was supposed to be born on saturday. We told many times to Brad that this kind of events are, as long as we knew, completely unpredictable, but he didn’t listen indeed. He said that everything was planned and bla bla bla… babblings.

So, the girl was born with delay. A lot of delay. I got Brad’s first text from the hospital on saturday morning, whereas the last one, on monday morning. I’m not really good at maths, but I think that means that the South African Japanese couple were 48 hours waiting for a baby… it reminds me of Rachel Green (Friends), when she was waiting for Emma… nice episodes by the way!

But finally, she arrived. Today, at 13:15 I recieved his last text: “Finally she’s out! Irie Emily Roberts. Woohoo!”

Now, time to wait for a while before visiting the renewed family! Until then: Congratulations Kanako and Brad!!!

5 pensaments sobre “Brad is father!

  1. oh~ brad cheers cheers
    i really wanna meet you!!! and kanako and steve:)
    but i’m sorry about south africa lost….. C U!!!

  2. Congraturation!!@_@
    i think her name, “Irie Emily Roberts” is sooo pretty!:)haha
    she must be cuter than the baby on this post!!!

  3. Flipaaa!!! Va tenir un part tan llarg com el de la Rachel?? Diosssssss Congratulations per aquesta nena preciosa!!!

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