Emily Roberts, the South African Japanese girl!

Sooner or later I had to meet Emily; Brad and Kanako’s daughter. Today, after one month of her birthday, I’ve visited her with Ji Hye. She’s leaving NZ tomorrow morning so today was her last chance to meet Emily, and she did it, so did I. Such a small human being! I couldn’t say if she looked more South African or more Japanese but apparently, she took after more similarities from Kanako.

Emily Roberts, click the picture to see the complete album!

Ji Hye wanted to have a huge breakfast in her last morning in Auckland so we went to Albion, looking for a complete meal. We found it. Indeed. Even too much I think. We ate two fried eggs, two hash browns, two sausages, two toasts and two slices of bacon. I couldn’t move after such a enormous meal. So I just went rolling to the bus stop and once there we waited for a bus to Avondale, where Brad and Kanako live. It took almost one hour, but finally we got there.

After proving that Ji Hye is a “making-babies-cry-woman”, we took Emily from Ji Hye and we put her on the floor, safer than in her hands. We played with Emi for a while, until Brad switched on the Play Station and we started killing some people. Is nice how easy is to change from holding a cute minute baby to hold a huge destructive gun. Cute gun anyway.

I also held the baby for a minute. I’m not a “baby expert”, but I could deal quite successfully with the situation. Until she cried. Without any reason. She just started wailing. So unfair because I was being really really tactful. She just reminded me when my sister was five years old. Easy crying person.

And if yesterday we had an amazing sunny day, today we had time for a cloudy, clumsy and cold saturday. The weather in Auckland is extremely variable… I can’t get used to it. I miss the catalan weather, a lot.

By the way, the bus took another hour but once at home I prepared warm coffee which has been accompanied by a piece of chocolate cake.

So now, whilst writting these lines, I’m so happy.


4 pensaments sobre “Emily Roberts, the South African Japanese girl!

  1. M’encanta la foto que esteu l’Emily i tu. He pensat: VULL SER ÀVIA!!!!!!
    Una monada de criatura. Felicita els pares de part meva!

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