Szymanski & Camp Nou

When I was in New Zealand and I answered the question about where I was from, a lot of people connected my city with our main football team. Not weird however; Barcelona has the best team on earth. Therefore, watching a Barça football match at the stadium if you are visiting the city is kind of “must-do” thing. Like eating pizza in Italy or eating spicy in Korea.

Szymanski wouldn’t be football’s fan number one, but he likes the sport. This was enough excuse to take him to Camp Nou, the largest stadium in Europe and the one where you can see best football on earth right now.

We met two of my catalan friends who I had met in New Zealand: Adrià and Xavi. Once we were in my car, we went straight to Barcelona. Piotr didn’t know what was about to happen. At 6pm we were eating some nice sandwich which, by the way, hurted the polish guy, used to eat soft bread instead of real kinda french bread. He almost cried cos some teeth pain.

Anyway, at 6.15pm we took a taxi to Camp Nou. Szymanski, with no idea about our intentions, had to trust us when we covered his eyes with some sleeper mask. The taxi driver was aware that the polish guy didn’t know anything at all. He said something like: And do you really think he won’t know where he is just once he steps in front of the stadium?

We knew he would know it, but it was fun nevertheless. He walked blindly for more than half hour before getting to our location at the stadium. Two security guys said to us: “men, you really are bad friends”. Szymanski walking between hundreds and hundreds of people with his eyes covered was a really nice picture I will always keep in my mind. Adria and Xavi laughing of him was also nice to see.

And then the waited moment came true. We uncovered Piotr’s eyes from one of the best positions in the stadium. Just in the middle of the pitch, in the second grandstand, surrounded by thousands of Barça supporters. And Szymanski smiled.

The match was, moreover, interesting, intense. Barça scored first but a shity referee kicked Piqué out of the game for a fault which didn’t even exist. Sporting balanced the game (1-1) but at 20 minutes to the end, Barça scored again and the tranquility came back with that goal. At the end, another goal caped off the game.

After the play we ended up going to the highest point of the stadium and then, with Adria, Xavi and also two more friends who were watching the match as well (Albert and Albert) we went having dinner in one of the worst restaurants I’ve ever been. But it didn’t matter.

The day in images if you click here!!!


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