Catalans del món / Catalans from the world

Fa una setmana rebia un mail:

Hola Marc,  
T’escric des de Bilbao, no gaire lluny de Catalunya, pero al cap i a la fi, fora de casa. Be, no m’enrotllo! El cas es que estem a punt de venir cap a Tailàndia 3 setmanetes de vacances i pensava que estaria be contactar amb els que esteu per aquelles terres per si necessito saber alguna cosa o per si em podeu aconsellar alguna cosa per veure que no sigui molt típica, no se… 

Doncs el mail va ser respost i no només això, sinó que ahir dissabte vaig tenir el plaer de sopar amb l’editora de “catalans al món” a Bilbao i el seu xicot donostiarra. L’Ester, d’Igualada, viu a Bilbao i juntament amb l’Àlvaro, han escollit Tailàndia per desconnectar de les seves feines a terres bilbaïnes.

Doncs senyors, benvinguts i un plaer compartir taula amb vosaltres a Bangkok!

Marc, Chalita, Ester i Àlvaro. Getting to know each other…!

One week ago, I got an email:

Hi Marc,
I’m writing to you from Bilbao, not far from Catalonia but far from home anyway. Well, let’s go to the point! The fact is that we are about to travel to Thailand for three weeks and I thought that it’d be a good idea to contact the people who are there… just in case you can give us any useful information we might need or maybe some ideas about places to visit diferent than the touristy ones… I don’t know!

Well, I answered the email properly, but not happy with that, we decided to have dinner in the city. So on saturday night we met somewhere in Bangkok to enjoy some typical thai food. After that, life music, thai beer and some hours of babbling. Her name is Ester and she’s from Igualada, a city one hour far from my hometown. And her boyfriend, Álvaro, he’s from the Basc Country. Lovely couple though.

Well guys, welcome to Thailand and it was a pleasure sharing dinner with you! Enjoy your time here!


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