Monday to Piha Beach

Having Monday and Tuesday off might seem a bit annoying, but sometimes not having to  work when most of people do, might open the door to some “non crowded” peaceful visits near Auckland. That’s exactly what it was a week ago, when Xalita and me decided to go West and visit Piha Beach, one of the fancy coast points that the city of Auckland has at its reach.

We didn’t go there to swim but to run away from the city center routine. You wouldn’t believe how claustrophobic Auckland might turn out to be for those who live here. I’ve said that many times, but in my opinion, the biggest city of New Zealand it’s actually nothing else but Queen Street, a kinda boring avenue with limited options for it’s inhabitants. The common days off to One Tree Hill or Mount Eden are definetely good, but not enough diverse, at least not for me, us.

So we borrowed a friend’s car and drove 45 minutes west, to Piha, a little town famous for its beach and a 16 milion year old huge rock, the “Lion Rock” (Whakaari), landmark of some Maori legends. We wandered around the black volcanic sand for a while and enjoyed the views from the top of Whakaari for over half an hour. The excellent weather invited us to do so.

From the top of the rock we could see “Te piha”. Te Piha, in maori, is the divided ripple at the prow of a canoe, and in front of the Lion Rock, the breaking waves look like that, reason why the Maoris named that little town: “Piha”.

The tranquility of the beach was great, but before heading back to our little shoe box looking appartment, we went to the waterfalls of Kitekite, a three tiered fall that drops a total of 40 meters. It was impressive, but we didn’t go to the waterfall bottom as we were tired and the sunset was about to happen.

And that was by far, the best decision we took. We began to drive back home and, from the road that accesses Piha Beach we saw one of those sunsets that make New Zealand one of most amazing places to enjoy that time of the day. I could explain how the sunset was, but pictures are always better way to do that.

So, click this picture and have a look at how we spent our last monday!



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