And the world saw us

If you’ve known be for a while or if you’ve visited this site quite often, you must’ve felt my catalan feeling, my passion for my country. Probably I’ve even been slightly annoying talking to you about the catalan cause over and over again; what we seek and the reasons why we don’t like being called Spanish. I’m sorry if I talk to much about it, but I just hope you see it as a way of learning a bit more about the place I come from.

Via-Catalana-Pertus-EFE_ARAIMA20130911_0238_7First meters of the 400km Catalan Way for the Independence

Well, yesterday was the National Day of Catalonia and the world saw us, once again. What do I mean? Well, last year 1.5 milion people took the streets of Barcelona asking for our Independece. That’s a lot of people, it’s actually 20% of our population and we can’t count people who could not join the demonstration for many reasons, such as myself. Proportionally, it’s like if 800,000 people took the streets of Auckland asking for anything to their goverment. Let’s just say that the biggest demonstration in NZ for the past 30 years has gathered not more than 50,000 people. So yes, there were a lot of catalans on the streets. A lot.

Last year we gathered in Barcelona (even those we couldn’t go, we still feel like we were there), the streets of the city centre were absoultely packed and coaches from all over our territory took people to our capital to ask for our needs to be satisfied. This year we did something diferent, something that only a nation, a country that believes in itself it’s capable of doing. We did a massive human chain all through our territory. People holding hands along 400km, with no gaps, with no exceptions, through bridges, towns, cities, villages. And the world saw us. Of course they did.

Media from all over the world has reported what just happened in Catalonia 24 hours ago. Newspapers from the US such as The Washington Post, The World Street Journal or the CNN; or The Guardian, The Telegraph and the BBC from the UK (among others), or world agencies like Reuters and Euronews, or media from Germany, Chile, France, Portugal, Italy, Finland, Sweden, Argentina, Mexico, Brasil, Denmark, Korea… and dozens of others countries, really, dozens. And the interesting thing is how all papers explain the event as a peacefull demonstration full of joy, happiness and hope for a better future.

We’ve obviously taken the front page of all newspapers in Catalonia, in a very positive way as our demonstration was absolutely peaceful and festive. However, it’s curious how Spanish papers have covered the event. “Chained Catalonia” says el Mundo or “They will not divide us” can be read in La Razón or “Catalan National Day loses followers” (in a clear manipulation of assistants participation) by the nationalist paper ABC. Only El País says “the catalan independentists show their strenght to quicken a referendum”.

Catalans have claimed, once again, our right to dedice, our independece to choose wether we wanna be independent or not, our capability to work together with a common goal, our aim to freely decide. Yesterday’s demonstration was not organised by ANY political party, it was the civil society itself who gathered all across the country, people from most of the catalan political parties (representing over 80% of the catalan parlaiment seats) were holding hands asking for Catalonia to be Independent.

We, Catalans, are diferent, special, unique. Organising what we organised its not piece of cake. And the world has to know that we, catalans, are hard-workers willing to do whatever it takes to make our country a better place. We need our freedom back, we’ve tried everything to fit in a country that despises us. We’ve had enough, 300 years have been enough, more than enough. The time were we must walk together towards a brighter future for our families, our future generations and of course, ourselves, has come. It’s time for our politicians to step forward and tell Spain that wether they like it or not, Catalonia will be separated from them. And maybe then, our relationship will start improving, being healthier, with more things in common. I’m sure they will, for our own good.


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